Arcade grow client base with community focused blue chip utility business

Arcade grow client base with community focused blue chip utility business

November 1, 2017 at 12:05 pm by Arcade Team

Morrison Utility Services based in Hertfordshire is the UK’s leading utility service provider; working with blue chip utility companies across the electricity, gas, rail, telecommunications and water sectors on the upgrade and maintenance of their infrastructure and networks.

Arcade UK Limited were called in to Morrison’s premises by Kube Interiors to install gas fired heating into their Stevenage based warehouse.

Whilst a relatively simple project for Arcade, the team were delighted to be invited to work with a new client; with their invitation to undertake the work demonstrating the fantastic reputation Arcade has built up in the industry.

The project was undertaken over a couple of weeks, and ultimately has resulted in two satisfied customers who potentially will utilise Arcade again for future projects.

Each day, around 80% of the Morrison workforce operate in local communities, working hard to keep households warm, taps running and lights switched on.

Without a refurbished warehouse to fix their workforce’s vehicles, Morrison would be unable to fulfil the high quality community based services they regularly provide. Arcade looks forward to potentially working with Morrison and Kube again in the future to further support their services.

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