Arcade returns to Vauxhall

Arcade returns to Vauxhall

Morrisons Utility Centre Warehouse

November 2, 2017 at 5:00 pm by Arcade Team

Having worked previously with Vauxhall back in 2012, Arcade were invited to once again work with Vauxhall, and additionally alongside contractors P.J. Careys in 2017. Based on their existing relationship and strong reputation with the car plant, Arcade was asked to support P.J. Careys with the extension they were building on behalf of Vauxhall at their Luton based factory. The main factory extension required several technical features, including the instalment of lighting and gas-fired curtains to prepare the building for the advanced production to be undertaken subsequently by Vauxhall. This initial project took approximately three months, following which, Arcade could then support Vauxhall directly with the additional development of the building.

Arcade’s work with Vauxhall, followed in line with their previous project back in 2012; working to prepare the building to a suitable working condition for the production of Vauxhall’s new X83 line. For this new project, Arcade was required to break in to the factory line; in order to input specialist environmental control features including suitable air handling units, extractor fans and additional ventilation support systems. Ultimately these controls will support Vauxhall to ensure the factory can operate safely during its future production.

Including the initial work for P.J. Careys, the entire project took Arcade approximately six months. Working with such a dominant global brand like Vauxhall resonates Arcade’s continued ability to successfully work with and cater to large international businesses. Overall this project allowed Arcade to reconnect with a previous client, whilst additionally work with new contacts in the form of P.J. Careys. Arcade looks forward to further developing their relationships with these clients and, in turn, build solid business relationships with all who require their specialist services.

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