Prefabrication in the HVAC industry

Prefabrication in the HVAC industry


July 28, 2016 at 7:58 am by Arcade Team

Managing Director for Arcade UK Ltd, Mike West, talks us through the benefits of prefabrication construction in the HVAC industry

The use of prefabricated buildings is considered to be a controversial topic within the construction industry. With opinions divided over whether construction professionals are neglecting clients with an off-the-shelf product that can take away a project’s architectural flair. There are however, clear benefits from using prefabrication techniques in the HVAC industry.

Prefabrication provides an alternative approach to traditional construction with components manufactured off site, and then assembled on site to reach project completion. These ‘off-the-shelf’ products can produce time and money savings, whilst offering a quick and efficient delivery method.

Mike explains ‘Where possible Arcade UK will build prefabricated. This makes the construction process safer, less wasteful and more accurate, especially in constricted areas. The product can be tested properly before installation on site in a controlled environment. It also helps to minimise noise, on site disruption, and importantly for the client – it minimises downtime.’

Benefits of prefabrication

– On site construction time is shortened

– Many health and safety risks can be reduced or eliminated as working in a safer factory environment as opposed to on site construction

– As materials are pre-measured, scheduled and fabricated at works, waste is minimalised

– Better quality of build due to workshop conditions

– Carbon footprint will be reduced as fewer people are travelling to and from site

– Fitted specialist components are factory quality controlled and have been pre commissioned before arriving on site

– Impact on the client and community during construction is reduced in terms of noise, traffic and length of project delivery work on site

– Project management is more accurate with known timescales for manufacturing, fabrication and delivery

– Developments in software reduces risk of design errors during the manufacturing process whilst allowing the design to provide correct clearance zones, as well as developing the construction sequence.

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