Consultancy services

Consultancy services


As an established company in the field with knowledge across a full range of specialisms, we are able to offer a number of consultancy services to new and existing clients in order to support their work.   In our 40 years of trading, we have built up experience across multiple sectors and are proud to be able to offer a consultancy package in our portfolio.  Our clients can deal with one single point of contact, in the knowledge that their entire project or specialist requirement is in hand and in control.

Complete project design
We have the capability to provide full design facilities for mechanical services for new buildings as well as for new or expanding process cooling and heating systems. Our design and consultancy service is varied and tailored to a client’s requirements but could include the expansion of process cooling and heating systems, HVAC installations, the replacement of chillers or Air Handling Units, the selection of appropriate equipment, compressed air solutions or renewable solutions to integrate into existing systems.

Professional services
Our professional services include process design, 3D CAD design and modelling and structural calculations and we can also establish links or coordinate activity with trusted partners in fields such as electrical engineering or mechanical engineering.

Project Management
We understand the value of working in partnership with clients, delivering exactly what they need within budget and timescales. Our team of engineers focus on building a close relationship to understand the business needs and can directly manage an entire project – wither specialist or large scale – with multiple suppliers. Acting on a client’s behalf means they can concentrate on their core business whilst Arcade drives a project’s development and completion.

Energy Reduction Surveys
Maximising the efficiency of new or existing hardware is a fundamental part of all our design and installations – meaning that you can be confident that your investment will not only be working as you need, but in line with wider environmental considerations too. We also work with clients to understand the level of energy in existing systems and suggest ways of reducing energy costs by up to 60% – with a direct impact on the bottom line.

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