Facilities Management

Facilities Management


In an added bolt on to our design and installation projects, we also offer facility management contracts for the support and maintenance of building services. Clients hand over the ongoing management and maintenance of their HVAC and temperature control systems to Arcade, in the knowledge that our team will deal with the day to day requirements and be on hand if any issues arise – which can often be crucial in a processing or temperature controlled environment, where downtime can affect production or performance.

Facilities management contracts suit a variety of clients. We work for a well known public school which has over 64 appliances within its grounds that we service annually and provide a 24 hour call out service for. Another client under a management contract provides chilled water for the municipal buildings in the city of London and it is our responsibility to manage the chiller’s 2.4mW of cooling to ensure continual chilled water is supplied for the in-house server rooms and cooling systems. Different clients, same dedicated approach to managing their systems.

Key products and systems that we can take responsibility for include:

  • LPG, Oil and Natural Gas boilers and ovens
  • Air conditioning systems, Air Handling Units and Chillers
  • Process cooling system
  • Water treatments systems
  • Ductwork maintenance
  • Building Management Systems & Control maintenance

We are also experienced in the service and maintenance of domestic and commercial heating/gas appliances – more information is available here.  

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